Queens of Dawson City

Written By

Peter Aveyard

Dramaturged by
Irene Lofthouse

Additional material by

Alyson Hunter

Episode 1 Starting Over

Lady Tamara rejects another suitor for marriage after Honker meddles in her marital affairs.

Episode 2 Soggy Moggy

Honker executes his plan to swindle Lord Toffington out of a fortune.

Episode 3 Rhubarb and Custard

Construction is underway. The French engineers have a revolutionary building material.

Episode 4 The Valley of Truth

Niall and Tong fleece Lord Toffington and the towns folk of Little Doing.

Episode 5 Bedside Manner

Sebastian seeks out the Oracle of Wetwang for a solution to his problem. Nurse Shrapnel takes care of the sick.

Episode 6 First Impressions

Chaos ensues when Mucky Carol books the Christmas entertainment for the town council.

Episode 7 The Mayoress of Sous La Merde

Toffington invites his French counterpart from the seaside town Sous La Merde to help him celebrate the grand openbing of the eighth wonder of the world.

Episode 8 Stufwell? Apparently so.

Stufwell reveals a secret and turns Toffington's world upside down.

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Dear listener, here are eight episodes from our much appreciated comedy called The Queens of Dawson City.


It is a story of sex, greed, extortion, sex, deceit, revenge and...sex.


Set at the turn of the twentieth century, Lord Toffington is under the misguided notion that his grand vision for an eighth wonder of the world, is being constructed on the bleak and blighted moors of Yorkshire by the Engineer and entrepreneur Mr Enoch Honker.


Lady Tamara Toffington, daughter of Lord Toffington, has fled Toffington Hall to escape an unhappy marriage and found refuge in a whore-house in Dawson City. Mr Honker must keep Tamara's whereabouts a secret from all who persue her, including her finance Sebastian Fontain Bentpipe - the marquis of Calderdale.


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